SACONĀ® is the safest, most flexible munitions containment system available – and the most environmentally friendly!

What is SACON?

SACON is an energy absorbing material designed specially to absorb projectiles and eliminate ricochets.

Benefits of SACON for Firing Ranges and Shoot Houses

  • Capable of capturing most small arms munitions and granades.
  • Cannot burn or Rot
  • Construction techniques are similar to conventional concrete (block)
  • Used SACON generally considered construction waste

Champion Materials, Inc is one of the most experienced SACON provider in the U.S.

We have constructed SACON structures for outdoor ranges and shoot houses since 2003. SACON’s process is mobile; allowing manufacturing at or near your site and SACON can even be “poured in place.”

Over the past 12 years we have done projects involving the following:

  • Produce
  • Construct Shoot Houses, Live Fire Ranges
  • Transport/Deliver
  • Repair

To find out more please download the following PDF Research SACON | US Army of Engineers.

Contact Champion Materials, Inc if you have any questions about SACON.